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KLARIC expands its range with advanced LV measurement modules
LV measurement technology now with stackable housing
KLARIC, the innovation leader in the development of advanced current measurement technology, is expanding its latest product line: the advanced MULTI low-voltage measurement modules, which are now equipped with a new space-saving, mechanically stackable CLICK housing and, as before, an innovative autorange function. These modules are specially designed for quiescent and operating current measurements, for example in vehicle prototypes as well as in hardware-in-the-loop or vehicle-in-the-loop (HIL or VIL) test benches, and offer increased efficiency and user-friendliness thanks to their new features.
KLARIC presents the innovative MULTI-HV measurement module family
Reliability and safety for high-voltage systems
KLARIC, the innovation leader in the development of advanced current measurement technology, launches its new MULTI-HV measurement module family, which is specifically designed for use in high-voltage environments up to 1,500V and offers versatile measurement capabilities for current, voltage, temperature and more. The modules are ideal for use in the automotive industry, particularly in the field of electromobility, and support both CAN and Ethernet interfaces.
MULTI! One housing, many faces
Introducing the MULTI family
The multi-products offer proven technology in a new multifunctional housing. This means: high-precision measurements in both the low-voltage and high-voltage range, without great effort, with handy modules.
Pioneering solution for monitoring charging processes for electric vehicles
Klaric introduces the new EV CHARGE-MONITOR
In a significant development in the field of electric mobility, Klaric, an innovation leader in measurement technology, has unveiled the updated EV CHARGE-MONITOR. This ground-breaking measurement system enables detailed monitoring and analysis of electric vehicle charging. The EV CHARGE-MONITOR is a mobile measurement system specifically designed to measure current, voltage and electrical power flow between the charging station and the electric vehicle or between the wall socket and the charging station.
Integrated measurement and analysis solution from KLARIC/ROTEC
Investigation of noise problems in e‑drives: Integrated measurement and analysis solution from KLARIC/ROTEC
In cooperation with VISPIRON ROTEC GmbH, we now offer an integrated measurement and analysis solution that supports development engineers in investigating and analyzing noise and mechanical effects in e‑drives. It is designed for mobile investigation in e‑vehicles.
KLARI-CORD 5 - The reference for stand-alone quiescent current measurement!
Stand-alone quiescent current measurement with KLARI-CORD 5 and KLARI-MOD MC5
The consistent further development of the KLARI-CORD 4 or KLARI-MOD MC3 for the stand-alone measurement of quiescent, operating and peak currents. The KLARI-CORD 5 product family.