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MULTI! One housing, many faces
Introducing the MULTI family

The multi-products offer proven technology in a new multifunctional housing. This means: high-precision measurements in both the low-voltage and high-voltage range, without great effort, with handy modules.

The trick with the click!

The new multis not only look better and are significantly smaller, they also offer a new practical function: they can be stacked!

By simply sliding them over each other in the clever slide system, the modules lock into place with an audible "Click!". This means that any number of modules can be stably cascaded, i.e. linked together. This ensures optimum utilisation of space and maximum clarity when measuring many different data sources simultaneously.

New features

  • Same housing type for NV and HV modules
  • Significantly smaller shape
  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions, IP65
  • Suitable for temperature ranges from -40° to 120°C
  • The housings can be stacked without tools ("click!")
  • Various mounting options: e.g. threaded holes or eyelets for cable ties or Velcro tape
  • Adapter for top-hat rail and fixed installation available
  • LED display for active CAN termination