Mobile measurement technology for power measurement in a UAV
Mobile measurement technology for power measurement in a UAV


  • KLARI-QUAD 2 1500V

Carrying out the measurement

For power measurement in a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), a robust and reliable measurement system is essential. BEE appliance GmbH relies on the universal high-voltage module with CAN interface, KLARI-ONE PLUS 1000V, in combination with a combi measuring probe for current and voltage for its flying device.

BEE appliance GmbH develops and manufactures multirotor VTOLs (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) for payloads >30 kg. An aircraft with a total takeoff mass of up to 250 kg and a payload fraction of up to a maximum of 60 kg is currently in test operation.

With the aid of the measurement system, the current power/current of the drive train is measured at a high sampling rate in near real time. Furthermore, the monitoring of the on-board voltage is made possible by the combined sample. For subsequent evaluation, the measurement data is recorded in a black box; the connection is made via the CAN interface using high-speed CAN.