Temperature measurements on high-voltage components
Measurement of temperatures on high-voltage components.


  • HV-T-PROBE 1000V

Carrying out the measurement

The measuring chain consists of a type K temperature sensor and a KLARIC measuring module. The measuring module specially designed for temperature measurements (KLARI-THERM HV 1500V) and the universal measuring module KLARI-QUAD 2 1500V can be used here. The sensor system consists of a type K temperature element, which, like all KLARIC-PROBES, is equipped with automatic sensor recognition. The HV-T-PROBE is designed for use on high-voltage components and is insulated up to 1000V. The sensor can be applied on the surface of HV components or installed in HV batteries.

Evaluation of the measurement

The measuring module is equipped with a CAN or Ethernet data output. The measurement can thus communicate with a logger or interface using a DBC or A2L file. Up to 16 temperatures per measuring module can be recorded simultaneously with one measuring module.

Figure 1 - Temperature measurement on HV component
Figure 1 - Temperature measurement on HV component