Simultaneous current and voltage measurement
Simultaneous measurement of current and voltage on an electrical potential.

Resolution Current Measurement

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Resolution Voltage Measurement

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  • MULTI-8 (formerly KLARI-FUSE 3)

Carrying out the measurement

The automotive world is changing. Not only through the electrification of the combustion engine to a hybrid powertrain or a fully electrified powertrain in BEVs or FCEVs. The features for safety, driving behavior and comfort are becoming more numerous and complex, as is the variety of vehicle electrical systems and the number of consumers and control units in the vehicle. Safety functions are becoming more active and support the driver in ensuring safe operation, which leads to a higher importance of the availability of electrical energy for electrical systems. The battery management system must handle different charge and load conditions in a variety of environments. Possible would be warm, cold, humid or dry. Regardless of which vehicle type the driver chooses, fuel consumption or battery capacity will always be affected by power consumption. In times of increasing demands on exhaust emissions and fear of range, manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks and local public transport vehicles have to guarantee full functionality under all conditions with minimal and needs-based consumption.

In view of the current situation, the following question is the logical conclusion:
Question - How to ensure stability and increase the overall power of the electrical system? Answer - By measuring the power of all consumers in the vehicle. This also includes the electrical consumers in the low-voltage vehicle electrical system. This is measured by the HP-PROBE. This is done by measuring the current and the voltage on an electrical potential - in the automotive sector this is the vehicle mass - and their effect on the total consumption.


The KLARIC measuring devices provide solutions to challenges and are designed to achieve fast and precise results. With modular measurement solutions for every approach, the possibilities for determining the consumption of the entire circuit as well as individual components in the electrical system are broad and adapted to the needs of engineers. Typical applications are quiescent current, operating current and peak current in on-board networks of cars and trucks such as batteries, fuse boxes, heaters, active chassis. The solutions are designed for quick application and at the same time precise results and are valued worldwide.