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Measurement technology for future mobility

Safe solutions for measuring current, voltage and temperatures for mobile and static applications since 1992.
The development of the KLARIC company


We moved to new offices in 2016. We are thus following our principle of "competence through proximity to the product". Here we have room for ideas - and their implementation. Development, production and sales in one place and in one hand. This allows us to develop and implement new products and solutions together with our customers from scratch. Quickly, individually, as one-off production or in larger runs – what our customer needs, we provide appropriately and on time.


Klaric GmbH & Co. KG from Stuttgart has specialized in the development of measurement and testing technology for mobile and stationary applications in vehicles or in test benches for 30 years. Our customers come mainly, but not exclusively, from the automotive sector. We are the specialists for precise measurement of currents, voltages and temperatures in a wide range of environments. We offer solutions from low voltage to safe measurements in high voltage systems.

For electromobility, we offer everything that is necessary for measuring and testing. The areas of application of our measurement technology are very diverse – from hexacopters to eCars.


Tomorrow - that's the future. And the future is our field of work today. Not science fiction, but the future that can be planned. The future of mobility in all its facets: from CO2-neutral private transport to environmentally friendly public transport to the most modern means of logistics. We can offer solutions for optimizing energy management in all areas.

Quality management

The high quality standard and its assurance have always been an integral part of the corporate philosophy at Klaric GmbH & Co. KG. The quality standards relate to all areas, i.e. production, environmental protection and safety, and all employees are systematically involved in the implementation and safeguarding of these standards.

The top priority of our quality policy is to only supply our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly products and services. Quacert regularly confirms that Klaric GmbH & Co. KG has implemented a well-structured and effective quality management system.

We act according to the following principles:

  • The top quality claim is to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and to be a closer and long-term partner for customers and suppliers.
  • We respond to the needs of our customers with sensitivity and commitment.
  • We continuously increase our own competence as well as that of our suppliers.
  • We are constantly improving our processes through measurable quality requirements.
Corporate ethics

Klaric develops, produces and distributes measurement technology worldwide. Here, the company also bears responsibility for corporate sustainability. We rely on a modern code of conduct. This self-commitment includes modern compliance regulations as well as respect for labor ethics guidelines, e.g. the Modern Slavery Act of the British Parliament of 2015 or the upcoming EU directive on product tracking (EU Supply Chain Act).

Environmental policy

Our most important environmental goal is to support closed-loop thinking. We focus on improved resource and energy management in all areas of the production chain – from our suppliers to us to our customers. The environmental compatibility of our products and the reduction in the use of natural resources as well as lower energy consumption are becoming increasingly important while taking economic aspects into account.

We want to minimize waste generation and avoid emission risks as far as possible. Environmental impact is taken into account at all stages in the selection of products and means of transport. Employees and suppliers are continuously encouraged to carry out a transparent and committed environmental work. This environmental work will lead to continuous improvements. In this context, we understand the legal requirements as minimum requirements for our operations.