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KLARI-CORD 5 - The reference for stand-alone quiescent current measurement!
Stand-alone quiescent current measurement with KLARI-CORD 5 and KLARI-MOD MC5

KLARIC GmbH & Co. KG offers the KLARI-CORD 5 or KLARI-MOD MC5 as a further development of the successful KLARI-CORD 4 and KLARI-MOD MC3 modules.

The KLARI-CORD 5 and KLARI-MOD MC5 modules are the perfect tools for stand-alone quiescent current measurement thanks to their customer-friendly optimization. The measurement inputs can now be used universally for any type of sensor. Both modules have an interface for data transfer via CAN bus. A suitable DBC file is provided by KLARIC GmbH & Co. KG, but can also be created individually with the KLARI toolbox according to customer requirements. Both modules can be used with an Ethernet logger or Ethernet gateway to send data via Ethernet.

Optionally, the modules can be ordered with a display to visualize the measurement data directly on the module.

The KLARI-CORD 5 and the KLARI-MOD MC5 differ only in the logger function. The KLARI-CORD 5 has an additional USB interface for connecting a USB stick. The measurement data is then stored autonomously and can be evaluated in post-processing.


The universal channels can measure values from the following sensors.

Currant PROBES:

  • FK1 ... FK3
  • MICRO2 und 3
  • MCASE High Power-PROBES
  • BF1, BF2 und BF3
  • Voltage-PROBE

Voltage PROBES:

  • U-Probe
  • U/U-Probes

Temperature PROBES:

  • T-Probe (Pt100/ Pt100)