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KLARIC expands its range with advanced LV measurement modules
LV measurement technology now with stackable housing

KLARIC, the innovation leader in the development of advanced current measurement technology, is expanding its latest product line: the advanced MULTI low-voltage measurement modules, which are now equipped with a new space-saving, mechanically stackable CLICK housing and, as before, an innovative autorange function.

These modules are specially designed for quiescent and operating current measurements, for example in vehicle prototypes as well as in hardware-in-the-loop or vehicle-in-the-loop (HIL or VIL) test benches, and offer increased efficiency and user-friendliness thanks to their new features.

The new low-voltage measurement modules are characterised by their mechanically stackable CLICK housing, which allows several modules to be arranged in a compact and efficient way. This feature is particularly useful in test environments where space is limited or where a high density of measuring devices is required.

Key features of the extended low-voltage measurement module series:

  • Versatile measurement options: In addition to current measurements with a variety of shunts that support a wide range of measurement ranges and resolutions, voltage and temperature measurements can also be performed with corresponding KLARI-PROBES.
  • Automatic probe recognition: Similar to the TEDS functionality, enables simple and error-free configuration.
  • Autorange function: Automatic adjustment of the measuring range for optimum accuracy and efficiency in various measurement scenarios.
  • Precision and reliability: Guarantees accurate measurement results under variable operating conditions.
  • Extended temperature range: Operationally safe from -40°C to 125°C, ideal for testing under extreme conditions.
  • Robust, stackable housing: Mechanically stackable design for flexible and space-saving set-up in test environments.
  • CAN or Ethernet output: The modules support either CAN or Ethernet, making them flexible for use in different system architectures.
  • Creation of DBC/A2L description files: Enables smooth integration into various logger systems or software applications.

KLARIC understands the needs and challenges of modern vehicle development. With our extended low-voltage measurement modules, we offer our customers a solution that is not only powerful, but also flexible and user-friendly. The new MULTI low-voltage measurement modules are now available worldwide.