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KLARIC presents the innovative MULTI-HV measurement module family
Reliability and safety for high-voltage systems

KLARIC, the innovation leader in the development of advanced current measurement technology, launches its new MULTI-HV measurement module family, which is specifically designed for use in high-voltage environments up to 1,500V and offers versatile measurement capabilities for current, voltage, temperature and more. The modules are ideal for use in the automotive industry, particularly in the field of electromobility, and support both CAN and Ethernet interfaces.

The MULTI-HV measuring module family includes:

  • MULTI-HV UIT: Ideal for use with up to four HV breakout boxes or the high-voltage KLARI-PROBES. This module measures current and voltage and calculates work and power data (frequency, RMS values, COS Phi, etc.) for AC and DC systems.
  • MULTI-HV THERM: Specialised in measuring up to four temperatures with type K thermocouples in HV systems, equipped with Redel 2P summing plug.
  • MULTI-HV RTD: For precise temperature measurement with up to four PT100/1000 sensors in HV systems, equipped with Redel 2P summing plug.
  • MULTI-HV ANALOG: Measures up to four voltages, selectable up to 200V or 1000V, perfect for HV systems with Redel 2P summing plugs.

Both the MULTI-HV ANALOG and the MULTI-HV UIT are optionally available with Ethernet interfaces, while the other models are equipped with CAN interfaces.

Key features of the MULTI-HV measuring module family:

  • Safety: Continuous insulation voltage of 1,500V DC and routine testing in accordance with DIN EN 61010 for the highest safety standards.
  • Versatile measurement options: Covering a wide range of measurement requirements in HV systems.
  • Flexible interfaces: Support of Ethernet and CAN for seamless integration into various systems.
  • High precision and reliability: Ensure accurate and consistent measurement results even under demanding conditions.
  • Easy operation: User-friendly design that enables fast and efficient measurement data acquisition.
  • Autorange function: Automatic adjustment of the measuring range for optimum accuracy and efficiency in different measurement scenarios.
  • Robust, stackable housing: Mechanically stackable design for flexible and space-saving set-up in test environments.
  • Creation of DBC/A2L description files: Enables smooth integration into various logger systems or software applications.

KLARIC is proud to be at the forefront of technological development in the field of high-voltage measurement technology. Our MULTI-HV measurement module family represents our commitment to fulfil our customers' needs with innovative, reliable and user-friendly solutions.