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Integrated measurement and analysis solution from KLARIC/ROTEC
Investigation of noise problems in e‑drives: Integrated measurement and analysis solution from KLARIC/ROTEC

When developing electrified drives, engineers focus on acoustic ride comfort and mechanical loads, among other things. Torsional vibrations cause noise problems in electric motors and transmissions due to mechanical effects and electrical sources. Standard NVH analysis systems use airborne and structure-borne sound signals to investigate the generated noise, vibrations and their transmission paths. However, these usually leave out the mechanism of how these effects are generated. For a detailed and unique cause analysis, Vispiron Rotec with its RASdelta measurement system for torsional and gear analysis, together with Klaric — a measurement technology provider for measuring current and voltage — has developed an integrated measurement and analysis solution for electrical drive trains. It includes measurement and analysis of dynamic torsional vibration, analog measurement variables, CAN/OBD information, current and voltage. The measurement systems are connected via a CAN interface of the RASdelta measurement system. With the KLARIC measurement technology, both motor and regenerative operating modes can be measured. In combination with the ROTEC measuring system for torsion and gear analysis, the correlation between mechanical effects and electrical sources is guaranteed. Extensive evaluations of the ROTEC analysis software provide meaningful results for the optimal design of components in the development departments.

The integrated solution is used by development departments and after-sales services in the automotive industry exclusively for mobile applications. This allows real and extreme driving situations to be tested on the road.

For the integrated solution, users need a Vispiron Rotec RASdelta measurement system with speed/analog/temperature/DMS and CAN measurement cards, associated sensors and the analysis software, a Klaric HV breakout box, a Klaric multi-HV and various cables. It will be available from April 2023.

Vispiron Rotec and Klaric will showcase the integrated solution for the first time at Automotive Testing Expo India (April 18–20, 2023 in Chennai) and Automotive Testing Expo Europe (May 21–23, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany).